Our Mission



"We we would like to start by saying  When you shop with us, you are making a real, difference in the lives of others."

We currently partner with families in Thailand, India, England, Columbia and the US to make all your beautiful textiles, handmade goods, and homewares you find in our LA Boutique. We know our artisans by name and are very active participants in the creative process as well as in their daily lives we often do trade with artisans that otherwise wouldn’t be able to work in their trade. All of our Local handmade products are usually in partnership with small family owned, ethically ran businesses in the US. We’re incredibly overjoyed to have connected with such creative, gifted, and beautiful souls worldwide hints our slogan (WHERE YOU FEEL AT HOME AND EVERYWHERE YOU’VE EVER DREAMED) and with the help of our partnerships we will continue to help you dream.